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Understanding Media VCD in Learning, definition, paper, According to Experts

Understanding Media VCD in Learning - One media Audio-Visual is media VCD learning According to Brown is a media program distribution or production of master's programs are made in the form of film or video tape and moved or transferred on disc or pieces of plastic through a proper process , which is shaped like a phonograph record. (Borwn. Instruction, Tecnology, Media and Methods. New York: Mc. Graw Hill, 1977. Hlm 237)

Media VCD in Learning - In addition Heinich, also expressed understanding of VCD is a plastic disc used to record sound, images, and even a symbol or a symbol, and also the sound and the picture can be displayed or shown back through the VCD player and a television monitor. (Heinich. Instuctional Media and The New Technologies of Instuction. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1982. Hlm 238)

So is the notion put forward Locatis VCD is an object that is formatted for a television program, whose function can record and display the information in the form of audio-visual. (Locatis, Media and Technology for Education and Training. Sydney: Colombus Toronto London Sydney. 1984. Hlm 210)

From some of these opinions can be concluded that the media VCD learning is complete disc-shaped media containing audio visual subject matter and entered the narrator voice that is useful to describe the objects that have been visualized, usually having a diameter of 12 cm. so that the benefits of learning VCD is very assist teachers in the delivery of ideas or the idea of the subject matter which is informed to the students and between teachers and students have the same perception.
Thus, the media is a channel that is the message and can stimulate thoughts, feelings, and the willingness of students so as to encourage the process of learning in students. The use of creative media will allow students to learn better and can improve the performance of their accordance with the objectives to be achieved.
Media can be human, material, or events that establish the conditions that enable the pupils to acquire knowledge. Skills or attitudes. In this sense teachers, textbooks and school environment is also the media.

Steps VCD media
VCD media utilization of this economic study, also refers to the procedure of learning media utilization proposed by Abidin namely: (Zainal Abidin. Applications Media in Learning. Jakarta: Director General of Higher Education Department of Education. 1998. Hlm 77.)
1. Step preparations
A preparatory step in the utilization of instructional media directed to create interaction between subjects learners with learning media, that all activities and the way to do good teacher associated with itself, students, materials and tools as well as the environment that will be ready for menciptakn interaction is optimized so supporting learning activities effectively and efficiently. Such activities may include:
studying the utilization instructions and accompanying materials for teachers or students who take individual learning,
learn the specific learning objectives, especially with regard to capability and content that needs to be delivered,
meempersiapkan and master the material to be delivered,
noted the basic things that need to be considered,
studying the order and the relationship between the material with other materials,
assigning students to read, summarize, observing, interviewing, or other tasks in relation to the learning will be discussed.

2. Step Implementation
This level is a follow up of everything that was prepared at the preparatory steps including the activities specified in the instructions for use which essentially realize the interaction between students and the media to reach each learning objective that matches the pattern, procedures, and learning strategies used and apply the principle -prinsip active student learning, motivation and others. While these activities may include:
linking the last lesson to be learned with the various techniques of media use,
the topic and objectives as well as the benefits or the importance of the topics to be studied to the extent possible dimediakan,
cultivated always monitored their understanding of the material learned through the media with a question and answer or other means,
or delivery issues through the media and then discussed together,
media can also be used as the final ingredient to match their understanding or perception,
close the lesson by way of summarizing, concluding indicate the order of connectedness material with one another through the media.

Step 3. Follow-up
Next steps in the use of instructional media is intended to explore whether the learning objectives have been achieved. Also intended for strengthening, deepening, and get feedback from the material that has been presented through the media. Included also in this activity is carried out repairs or remediation for those who have difficulties and provide enrichment for those who have achieved well, and obtain information about the use of media inputs for the improvement of learning when to be repeated utilization.

The activities undertaken were:
conduct tests to determine how much the learning objectives are achieved,
soliciting input from various parties about the components and procedures for use of media through questionnaires or interviews,
give the task to discuss, hold a concluding observation, report or other tasks for deepening or strengthening of the material presented,
organize feedback on learning activities that have followed,
conduct remediation for those who have difficulty with the use of the same media or that has been prepared specifically for remedial action.
Understanding Media VCD

Benefits Media VCD
The economic benefits of learning VCD media are:
Teachers more easily deliver learning material economy on economic activity, because VCD teaching media able to present moving images and sounds (audio visual) so that students will more quickly receive the message and stimulate learning.
Media economic study on the subject of national income delivered through learning will be more effective VCD dibandingakan using media examples or actual items, because it uses actual samples or media objects too difficult and complicated. VCD media through the example of learning the movements can be served quickly and easily repeated and in "pause" in accordance with needs.
Students are more motivated and entertained in accepting the subject matter presented through the medium of teaching VCD, making it easier to understand the material on economic activity.

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